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Taking Peace on the Road

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Each trip gets a little bigger than the last. Thankfully, I am traveling a week behind the blizzard that hit Boston and New York. I suspect by the time I get there, things will be pretty well cleaned up and back to normal.

20 years as a travel photographer have seasoned me for this 12-day, 6-city, 3,500-mile road trip, and this time I will be joined by my friend and video producer Wade Barry to help shoot some footage from the road.

I will speak at the Dayton International Peace Museum in Ohio, Arlington Street Church in Boston, and NYU in NYC. I will install the exhibit at NYU, attend the opening reception, and meet with students. We will do eight new interviews in three different states.

I've got a new little banner to pack for this trip. It has a few images, one line that reads “will work for peace” and a second that has the project website. The idea is to photograph people along the way holding the sign….at public talks, in places like Times Square, etc.I'll post the photos on our Facebook page and people can tag themselves in the photos. It should serve both as a public proclamation and a way to spread awareness about A Peace of My Mind. We'll see if we get any takers.

This trip is different in a significant way. In November, I sent out a request for end-of-year donations, and people responded generously. This trip is entirely funded by donations and the hospitality of people along the route. So, thank you to everyone who made this trip possible. I am grateful for your support.

It's an interesting way to fund a project. I can't say that I see too far down the path, but as I've said for the past few years…as long as I can see the next few steps, I’ll just keep walking. A Peace of My mind is moving forward on faith and the kindness of good people.

Watch Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin for updates from the road.

With peace and gratitude,
John Noltner
A Peace of My Mind
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